More About Me

Hire an honest, creative, self-starting project manager for your real estate journey!

I am an established business professional and MBA with over 25 years' experience ranging from Financial
Analyst to Project Manager roles. Relying on my Finance education from Bryant University and my MBA
from Providence College, I've held many roles in Corporate America prior to transitioning into Real
I've always been interested in real estate and have bought and sold various properties of my own. I have
diligently served many large companies (including both New Balance and Vistaprint) in varying
management roles, while living in the greater Boston area for over 25 years. I have most recently been
an Ecommerce and Agile project manager where I led teams of 10-15 people to success in the building of
on-line applications!
On the personal side, I've recently returned to my RI roots and received my Real Estate license after 25
years of being a greater Boston resident. I love the beautiful landscape of RI and am proud to return
home to service my clients' real estate needs!
When not at work, you can find me skiing, hiking, running, golfing or playing with our pets. An avid
animal lover, I have both cats and a dog at home with my husband, Matt. I also enjoy spending time
with my family and am very happy to be a part of the RI community again!
My ambition and self-starting attitude have led me to seek a role where I can serve clients while working
independently. I also am excited about leaving a traditional office climate and putting my
entrepreneurial spirit to work!
As an honest, creative self-starting project manager, I am ready to take on your Real Estate project and
make your real estate dreams come true! I will treat your sale or purchase as my personal project and
will serve you from Open House to Closing with the utmost attention to detail!